Keiynan Lonsdale: I knew that they had big plans. They had made me aware that they had an exciting future for Wally, so I assumed that meant Kid Flash and powers — but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. As soon as I got the script for “Flashpoint,” I was

The 23-year-old was absolutely stunned when he got the part, and get this—Insurgent is his U.S. debut. Not bad for a first gig. “It was the first callback I got for a film, so I felt like I

If there’s anyone who can truly relate to the coming-of-age movie Love, Simon, it’s Aussie actor Keiynan Lonsdale. The heartwarming film centres around 17-year-old Simon (played by Nick Robinson), who’s struggling to tell his family and friends that he’s gay.

Insurgent’s Keiynan Lonsdale Talks Playing Uriah, His Biggest Fears, and What Shailene Woodley Is Really Like The first of the Divergent films brought to life most of what we loved about the YA

Keiynan Lonsdale: 7 Things To Know About ‘The Flash’ Actor By Danielle Kwateng-Clark · October 11, 2017 On the eve of releasing his single “Good Life,” we talked to Keiynan Lonsdale about

Keiynan Lonsdale of the movie “Love, Simon” opens up about coming out as an LGBTQ individual. The 26-year old Australian talks about his struggles and how he found himself. LOS ANGELES – On the last day of shooting “Love, Simon,” Keiynan Lonsdale was nervous, but undeterred.

Interview with Keiynan Lonsdale (Uriah) for The Divergent Series: Insurgent. Ghost Rider 2 Director Opens Up On R-Rated Horror Screenplay Concept Charlie’s Angels Reboot From Elizabeth Banks Excites Kristen Stewart

Love, Simon is a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a high schooler who hasn’t come out of the closet yet – and the movie’s themes of acceptance and bravery resonated with actor Keiynan Lonsdale. “I wasn’t out during filming,” the actor revealed to Teen Vogue in an interview. in an interview.

The DC universe was shaken up when news broke that Keiynan Lonsdale will no longer have a leading role in either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. In May, the young star became a hero in real life

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“The Flash” star Keiynan Lonsdale has no regrets about coming out five months ago. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter at GLSEN’s Respect Awards: Los Angeles, Lonsdale opened

SDCC 2017: The Flash – Keiynan Lonsdale Interview – ComicsOnline ComicsOnline, comics, comics online, my little pony, power rangers (Managing Editor/Director of Media Relations) Matt interviewed MacGyver once (true story), and was invited on a submarine to

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Bill Skarsgard, Mekhi Phifer, Keiynan Lonsdale BTS Interview (2016)

Keiynan Lonsdale Opens Up About His Decision to Come Out Keiynan Lonsdale looks so handsome on the cover of Gay Times, available now. Here’s what the 26-year-old Love

His wardrobe, for one thing, has exploded into a delightful medley of bright colors and patterns — including for this interview, for which Lonsdale wore a brand-new pair of kicky, flowing pants adorned with a vivid flower print. “It’s definitely being like, Oh, I can wear

In a new interview with Keiynan Lonsdale, who is set to play Wally West/Kid Flash in The Flash, talks about his role and reveals new details on his character, including when he is likely to appear.

Check out this brand new interview with the latest Flash star – Keiynan Lonsdale! The 23-year-old Nigerian-Australian actor plays Wally West, the long lost son of Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and

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Now that we know what Wally West’s Kid Flash costume will look like on ‘The Flash,’ here’s a look at Keiynan Lonsdale, the actor who plays him. Lonsdale has at least one thing in common with Wally

Take a look at the smooth moves of Insurgent star and dancer Keiynan Lonsdale when he visits White Guy Talk Show.Lonsdale gives Grace and Choksi a free lesson and tries to explain that practice

Keiynan Lonsdale, Actor: The Flash. Keiynan Lonsdale (born 19 December 1991) is an Australian actor, singer, and dancer. He is known for his role as Wally West aka Kid Flash in CW’s ‘The Flash’ & ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’, Uriah in Lionsgate’s ‘The Divergent Series’, and most recently Bram in the critically acclaimed FOX feature film ‘Love, Simon’.

Empire goes behind the scenes on The Flash with this exclusive interview with Kid Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale Do you know what it was that you didn’t want people to look at you? I was very shy. I

Fans were shocked to learn last week that Keiynan Lonsdale would not be returning as Wally West, aka Kid Flash on The CW’s The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Now he says

Keiynan Lonsdale management contact details (name, email, phone number). Booking price. View Keiynan Lonsdale booking agent, manager, publicist contact info. Keiynan Lonsdale was born on December 19, 1991 in Sydney, Australia. His first acting gig was on

“I mean, I really do think that Love, Simon makes a huge difference in that,” Lonsdale said in an interview with TooFab. “The hold up is that, you know, the way the business works is so many

Lonsdale came out as bisexual on social media in 2017, however, he later clarified, in a 2018 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, that he prefers not to label his sexuality, and identifies primarily as queer. Discography Extended plays Title Album details

Exclusive Interview with The Flash’s Keiynan Lonsdale Amna Shabbir January 8, 2016 No comments Amna Shabbir Amna is an absolute geek for television and movies. When she is not freaking out over fictional characters and TV shows, she is found writing

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Lonsdale was asked about what it’s like joining a show like The Flash as Wally, teasing a bit on how he will be related to the Wests as well as meeting Candice Patton who plays Iris West. You can check out the full

In a world that is constantly sending you messages to change this, fix that and love this way, doing what feels right can be a lost art. But maybe with stars like Keiynan Lonsdale in the for-front, square pegs will stop being forced into round holes and instead have

And on Saturday, Keiynan Lonsdale flashed his signature style of statement rings and bandana as he promoted the popular television series at the Comic-Con convention in California.

A TV and movie star, Keiynan Lonsdale talks with us about his work in Love, Simon and more. Despite being only 26 years old, Keiynan Lonsdale has had a storied career already. The Australian actor started his career on TV in his home country before appearing in

Keiynan Lonsdale: the triple threat April 7, 2017 “I forgot how intense the show was,” Keiynan Lonsdale laughs at the thought of the 14-hour schedule of Dance Academy. “We were all dancers four years ago, but now we had to pretend that we were just as good

Access Hollywood At Comic-Con 2017, “The Flash” star Keiynan Lonsdale talks to about how his character, Wally West, and the rest of the team are coping since Barry Allen left to enter The Speed Force.

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Keiynan Lonsdale‘s got us shook! Many actors try to do the music thing too. Not many do it successfully. He is! Preach is soulful and sexy.A slice of R&B that could have been released in the

Keiynan Lonsdale talks Love, Simon’s impact and why it’s time for a queer superhero on the big screen 11:19 3rd August 2018 by Lewis Corner Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Created

Actor Keiynan Lonsdale has opened up about his experiences with racism following his casting as Wally West on The CW’s The Flash. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times about his new film Love, Simon, Lonsdale said his casting as the DC

Queer actor/singer Keiynan Lonsdale has teamed up with celebrated fashion photographer Thom Kerr for a luxurious photoshoot, which is being exclusively revealed on Billboard. The 27-year-old, best known for starring as Kid Flash on The CW’s The Flash and

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