Firstly before you think that this is makeup FOR cats, fear not. It is merely a new cat-themed collection of makeup by French brand Paul & Joe. Brilliant! And the crazy cat lady in me is squealing with delight! For more cat related shenanigans see: Black cat

Paul and Joe have just released a new makeup collection that caters all the worlds cat and makeup lovers. Find out more below. Home Beauty HAIR Summer Beauty Tips & Tricks Is KKW Beauty’s Body Makeup

This is paws-tively the purrfect gift for cat lovers around you: a beautifully designed collection of Paul & Joe’s most iconic cat-themed products. If you, like us, are an unabashed lover of cats who also happens to embrace makeup with a passion, this is the makeup collection for you. for you.

Paul & Joe Beaute products get a big thumbs up from me for their cat-shaped lipsticks, lush textures, and high quality packaging that feels like you got your money’s worth. The products are a bit smaller than what we’re used to in the West, but whether it’s a pro or a con will depend on your personal preference when it comes to makeup.

Calling all cat loving ladies – this one is most definitely for you! If there’s one thing you can guarantee at Christmas, as sure as a speech from the Queen, dry as old boots turkey and wall to wall re-runs of Love Actually, it’s a Cat themed Christmas collection from Paul & Joe..

The Cadeaux de Noel Advent Calendar, £56, Paul & Joe Packed with festive favourites, it’s the perfect offering to perfect your winter makeup just in time for the big day and will

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