Hey there! Just a quick reminder of some of the rules here on r/koreaboo_cringe:Rule 2: Do not smear Korean media as trash. Rule 3: Do not bash normal, casual fans. bro she has fucking YUI from k-on as her profile picture. but it’s probably there for the “aesthetic

my tangent (if you easily get mad, this isn’t for you) welp i am here to Stir Up Drama lmao. these days, kpop has been a wild topic. these days, i have been listening to tons of english music and not listening to kpop (minus loona, stray kids, nct, and

The 26 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened Your standard fist bump/high five misunderstanding has nothing on this. by Flo Perry reddit.com 2. This terrible third-wheel experience. reddit

•IF YOU NEED HELP• purple : mark dark blue : haechan green : johhny white : taeyong brown : winwin yellow : yuta orange : taeil pink : doyoung other blue : jaehyun yikes sorry for the bad screenshot click for a better image nct 127

I showed my mum this and she said “Well there are lots of ways to express your potato, you can mash it, steam it, cream it, bake it, put it in a jacket (cut for length) honestly I think he’s onto something.” And I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed harder in my life.

i think the genuinely worst part about kpop nowadays is how people are making everything out to be about competition and ‘who did it better’. thats not what music should be about. not for the fans, and certainly not for the artists themselves. sure, a lil friendly

Double points if there was a whole bunch of stuff keeping the two from being together or actively fighting their attraction. Like they were afraid to love, ‘we are not supposed to be! I am x and you are y!’, in general low self esteem thinking the other person would never

Kpop stars get life 100x harder than Western artists. So really people, you really need to find something else to do with your life because hating on 7 amazing human beings clearly isn’t working.

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HI! im Maria, I make sims. usually from some sort of insane fandom (kpop, spn, doctor who, stuff like that) you’ll find CC lists and lookbooks for everything, enjoy :> FUTUREBOUND.EXE HI! im Maria, I make sims. usually from some sort of insane fandom (kpop

[3:25AM] please hold me [8:29PM] sat on the bed, your back resting against the headboard, you hear the sound of soft knocks. you quickly turn your head to the door as the latter is slowly pushed open. there he is, a slight pout on his lips as he slips into the room and closes the door behind him. you can’t get yourself to look at him any longer and hide your face against your knees.

Hi everyone! So this post was meant to celebrate my second anniversary of this blog as well as 20k followers, but things got super busy so here we are three months later (yikes). But I’m here now and excited to share 15 more common words in BTS songs. If you

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Tell Me What To Do ~~SHINee/Kpop blog~~Hello! My name is Amanda, my nickname is Mandu (Korean for Dumpling), and I see myself as a big sister or Aunt in the SHINee fandom b/c I’m /old/ I’ve been a fan for over 7 years. Please feel free to contact me or

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Hello and welcome to Koreaboo Plaza! The best torture capital in town! My name is pretty self explanatory, this blog is for koreaboo cringe basically. follow my main Tumblr @

Lost Cause Ch. 11 Lost Cause Masterlistthe end of the semester project counts for 70% of the final grade, and a lost cause is needed in order for his idea to work-a/n: i lied only one update today only cause there’s two tomorrow that tie together and im not that

Hyunjin as your hybrid He was a frequent client of your little bakery but you didn’t know that he was a cat hybrid until you found him crying because he could no longer live in the shelter where he was. He melted your heart so you decided to adopt him. Now, Hyunjin

Minho as your hybrid Nobody hated humans like Minho, a lion hybrid. They captured him and took him away from his family so, when you adopted him, he thought that you were like the other humans. At first, he didn’t talk to you or be with you in the same room.

I want to make a Lemon Demon Fan Zine, but I don’t know how much interest there’d be in it. If you’d be interested in purchasing or contributing to this fanzine, please fill out the interest check form below and help spread the word! sorry if you sent me an ask and it

Hello fellow kpop stans! – It’s almost 2am where I am, and as much as I enjoy writing my brain is faltering, I did not forget any request, but will continue tomorrow. Please feel free

Heo Chan the Hippo Lim Sejun The King Of Eating A blog dedicated to 임세준 but it’s become more of a Victon Meme account tbh

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5. Chipotle is overrated I’ve only been to Chipotle less than ten times, and during all those times, I hated it. I was first dragged by my best friend who’s a huge fan, and while it wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t that fabulous. Sure the guac is pretty great, BUT I don’t like the fact that mostly all of them had issues with bugs, with bacteria, etc.

Garden Walls Ch. 7 Garden Walls Masterlist the garden walls surrounding her heart have long been overgrown, but he manages to cut himself through – a/n: this update was so

Yeah, I’ll be joining the bandwagon of this trend of Unpopular Kpop Opinions. Don’t @ me if you don’t agree with my opinions. Thanks. There’s part 2 btw BTS is NOT overrated. I’ve seen the opposite of this opinion A LOT in other people’s Unpopular Kpop Opinions

What aspects of kpop make you cringe/feel secondhand embarrassment? Which concepts do you love? Which concepts do you hate? If you could trade places with an idol, who would it be? What do you look for in a bias? Which kpop company do you hate the

And Yet you enjoy the song like me? How was NongNong meant to be a Mack daddy? :yolk: Current visitors Search profile posts Banned members Top Posters of the Month

15/3/2020 · We’ve all heard a bad pickup line or two in our day, but we grilled our friends to find the 25 worst pickup lines ever. You’ll love to hate these cheesy lines! We’re not sure where bad pickup

Garden Walls Ch. 9 Garden Walls Masterlistthe garden walls surrounding her heart have long been overgrown, but he manages to cut himself through-a/n: a lil later than planned bUt still on time 😉 also saks gotten me going all emotional over joshua so thanks sak

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my guy really do be looking fresh tho constantly